Become a Rock Star

What is Rock Racing?  Just as regular off-road racing has ROAR & IFMAR to promote & sanction races.   U4RC promotes and sanctions R/C races.  Rock Racing can be as loose as meeting with a bunch of buddies at the park, or as defined as any other organized R/C racing competition.  In an official U4RC race these basic rules apply;

  • All power must be electric.
  • Electronics on your vehicle must be hidden.
  • You must have a 4WD drive train.
  • Suspension, tires, body, tube chassis, interior and drivers must all be to scale.
  • Remember Rock Racing is more about scale than performance.
  • Vehicles must be rock racers or scale trail rigs, no short-course trucks, monster trucks or basher-styles vehicles are allowed.

There are six different classes defined by 1.9 or 2.2 inches of tire size, and if you have an independent or a solid axle suspension.

The race director will decide which class to put your vehicle in.

If you don’t have a local track nearby you can make one!  Just invite a bunch of buddies on Facebook, all takes are a little sweat and time.


Good Luck and Good Racing!